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Time to Escape Rooms Atlanta

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The year is 1962. Alcatraz is about to see its greatest escape attempt – earlier this evening a prisoner named Frank Morris made a successful prison escape. You must follow the clues left behind by Frank but you have only one hour before daybreak – so this is your last chance to escape!

Around the cell you will find everything you need to escape from Alcatraz, but only if you can piece together the clues left behind. Can you Escape Alcatraz? The prison escape room Atlanta describes as just like being in a real cell!  Take what you find, and escape... Time to Escape Alcatraz prison - now!

In Al Capone’s Speakeasy 1929 – The most innovative escape room Atlanta has to offer – you are undercover agents trying to infiltrate a Speakeasy owned by the notorious gangster, Al Capone. You will need to convince the bartender (played by an in-room actor) to help you find the evidence to put him away! Play as one of many roles - The Singer, Police Chief, The Rookie, and other immersive roles – all of which affect the game play!

***SPECIAL FEATURE*** All character roles come with special abilities and “side quests” which motivate the players to accomplish their own individual goals.  If the team wins AND all characters fulfill their side quests, the entire team gets a “golden win”!  A unique and challenging opportunity not found in other escape rooms!

1920’s Style Dress Encouraged!  (But not required)

A minimum of 3 players are required to play this game - if less than 3 are booked, they will be in a "waiting" state until additional players book.

We recommend a minimum age of 13 to play, in order for the best experience to be achieved. children 12 and younger should be accompanied by an adult.

An escape game for the centuries...

It’s 1922, and you are members of Howard Carter’s archaeology team. Mr. Carter has discovered what he believes is the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen’s (King Tut) tomb. Unfortunately Mr.Carter hasn’t discovered the burial chamber of King Tut, and the Egyptian authorities will arrive in 60 minutes to shut down the archaeology site for good.

It is up to you and your team to uncover the secret and escape from King Tut’s tomb before it is too late!