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Gamemaster Position

Time to Escape is an escape room business located in Atlanta and we are looking for employees to fill our “GameMaster” position. This is a part time position.

This is an opportunity to be part of a fun, positive and exciting work environment!

Duties include customer service, social media updates, checking in customers, basic tasks such as cleaning and organizing, providing clues to the customers and resetting the rooms after the customers leave.

Learning opportunities include: bookkeeping, event planning, puzzle design, art creation, writing, electronics (arduino based) and being part of a growing startup business.

The work hours are primarily during the evenings and on weekends.

Along with your resume, please send a message indicating why you would be a good fit for our business, and highlight your strengths or skills that could be used to satisfy our business requirements.

The most important part of this job, is to have fun with it! Personality is a must as this position as it is highly oriented towards interacting with customers!