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What is so unique about us at Time to Escape?

ABOUT US - Q&A With the Owner

Back in the Day

Growing up I always loved playing board games, role playing games (Yes… many hours of Dungeons & Dragons) and video games.  Board games and role playing games have such an interactive component to them, that they really are a great pass time.

Playing them with my sister and my nerd friends was terrific as we could use our imagination, sometimes get a little bit competitive, and frequently laugh as the games unfolded.  I can use the term nerd as I WAS a nerd (editor: AM a nerd)

About Us at Time to Escape - It all started back then with family board games!

An Idea is Born

When I experienced my first escape room in early 2015, I was blown away by how much fun it was.  Escape rooms are truly like real-life video games.  Young and old; experienced and first-timers; friends and family – any and all people will likely enjoy the escape room experience. After many years in the finance and accounting profession, I felt I was reasonably well suited to open my very own escape room in the Atlanta area.

The Start of Time to Escape

I pulled together a good team of employees, creative people and companies, and consultants to assist me along the way.  They always say starting your own business is tougher, longer, and more expensive than you think.  Well, “they” were right.  REALLY right.  We eventually found what we feel is our perfect location – in the beautiful City of Brookhaven, right on Dresden Drive, and only a short distance from Lenox mall and Peachtree Rd in Buckhead.  We’re nestled above the restaurants Haven and Valencia, and near several other restaurants and watering holes (Kaleidoscope, Verde Taco, Pour Bistro, Slice, The One Sushi).  We feel like we’re bringing some much-needed entertainment to the area.


I really felt that we needed to have the best possible themes in our rooms – not blank walls and a bunch of locked boxes.  I’ve been to other escape rooms that seem like they were put together in a weekend.  I’ve found keys to locked boxes…. in a locked box.  I wanted to create a “wow” factor when the players enter the room.  I also wanted to have a feeling of surprise and discovery in every room.  Our focus was first on the high quality art – custom made doors, and beautiful art on the walls.  Then we designed some very unique puzzles – make them interesting and fun, challenging but rewarding.  Finally, we brought in some props – genuine period props in some cases to really finish the rooms.

Now that you know all ABOUT US – Visit Time to Escape

I can’t be more excited to have our business open in Brookhaven.  We look forward to having many of the local residents, other visitors from around Atlanta, and, of course, tourists to the Atlanta area, come to our escape rooms and have a great time.


Daniel Cleveland