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Time to Escape Atlanta: The Escape Room Experience

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Three exhilarating escape rooms with exciting puzzles and surprises to discover await you.

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Three Immersive Rooms to Choose From

Alcatraz Prison 1962

– Time to Escape Room Atlanta –

The year is 1962. Alcatraz is about to see its greatest escape attempt – earlier this evening a prisoner named Frank Morris has successfully escaped. You can follow the clues left behind by Frank but you have only one hour before daybreak – so this is your last chance to escape! Around the cell you will find everything you need to get out, but only if you can piece together the clues left behind.

Al Capone’s Speakeasy 1929

– Time to Escape Room Atlanta –

Al Capone’s Speakeasy 1929 – Our newest and most innovative escape room – one of the largest escape rooms in the southeast – you are undercover agents trying to infiltrate a speakeasy owned by the notorious gangster, Al Capone. You will need to convince the bartender (played by an in-room actor) to help you find the evidence to put Capone away!  Play as The Singer, Police Chief, Mr or Mrs Charming, and up to eleven other immersive roles – all of which affect the game!

King Tut’s Tomb 1922

– Time to Escape Room Atlanta –

It’s 1922, and you are members of Howard Carter’s archeology team. Mr. Carter has discovered what he believes is the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen’s (King Tut) tomb. Unfortunately he hasn’t discovered the burial chamber of King Tut, and the Egyptian authorities will arrive in 60 minutes to shut down the archeology site for good. It is up to you and your team to uncover the secret of King Tut’s tomb before it is too late!

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Can You Escape the Room?

Experience the most immersive Escape Room Atlanta offers and send chills down your spine as you race against the clock to escape the room. Time To Escape’s realistic escape rooms are all based on historic events with riveting stories to discover, and mysteries still unsolved today.

The themed escape rooms are hailed for their quality props, construction, sounds and challenging puzzles that make the players truly feel they have been transported back in time…

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The Perfect Activity For


A fun and different activity for a group of friends, a family outing, or a date. You will bond as you try to escape the room!


Getting together to celebrate a special event, birthday party, bachelor(ette) party or other occasion? Get the group, bring your thinking caps, and have an adventure together in our escape room in Atlanta!


Looking for a different and better team building activity? In our immersive live-action escape rooms, your group will communicate, work together, and connect as a team in order to solve our escape games!

Customers Love Time to Escape!

“Had a total blast in Escape from Alcatraz! I was really surprised to see such a high level of “set design” I really felt that I was locked up in Alcatraz – you usually don’t see this attention to detail the average escape room. The puzzles were very fun and diverse – I have done a ton of escape rooms and this one is one of my favorites!”

Phillip J.

“Great fun and excellent location! Perfect for a night out where you want to park your car and enjoy some adventure fun and have several options to dine. Owner Dan was great. Took some time to make us feel very welcome and also gave us some extra time at the end to explain the history and why he selected these particular escape room themes. King Tut’s Tomb was great and we will be back for another soon!”

Chad B.

“We did the Al Capone Speak Easy. This was BY FAR the best escape room I’ve ever done! We each had roles to play and tasks of our own to complete. The actor in the room made it 10 times better! I even forgot a couple of times that we weren’t in a real bar. We had 8 people and there was more than enough room for us and plenty of things that needed to be done and solved! Well done Time To Escape, we will DEFINITELY be back for another room!!”

Kaitlyn Dan

“What a blast! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew about the concept. What I loved most was being able to act as a character. We were all assigned a different role which added to the suspense of trying to get out of the room. I also enjoyed Danny and James the bartenders. We may have over-utilized them for clues, but it sure was fun interacting with them. Can’t wait to go back.”

Tracie J.

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