GAFollowers Features Time to Escape in “6 Atlanta Escape Room Challenges to Try”

You read that right. GA Followers‘ writer Cheryl Rodewig included Time to Escape in her round-up of six Atlanta escape room challenges to add to your to-do list.

Currently, our humble, second floor spot at 1441 Dresden Drive in Brookhaven is a little tough to spot from the street – but GA Followers describes how to find us perfectly:

Time to Escape may have one of the coolest spots on this list. Look for Valenza, an Italian bistro on the corner of the Village Park Place shopping center in Brookhaven. Time to Escape is on the second level of the shopping center with plenty of free parking in back. If you have more time, you can spend the day with a spa, pubs, shops and more all within walking distance.”

We had the pleasure of hosting Cheryl in Escape From Alcatraz (you can see the “dirty” walls and rusty steel-barred door of the room as the coveted featured photo for this article), and were happy to report she escaped successfully! While in the room, it’s clear she noticed our attention to detail and dedication to making our escape experiences as true-to-life as possible:

“They aim to make the experience realistic, from period props to sound effects. In the Alcatraz room, you listen casually to the theatrical intro only to find out it’s true (history is weird).”

And when it comes to Al Capone’s Speakeasy? We’re grateful she got the word out about how fun it is to jive with the theme.

“And if you really want to take your escaping to the next level, try the Speakeasy. Players get a character card before starting, complete with a special ability and side quest they can pursue in the room. If you’re lucky, James the bartender inside might help you find evidence to put Al Capone in prison.

“Yes, you should absolutely come in period costume.”

Also featured are our friends Big Escape Rooms, Paranoia Quest, Mission: Escape, Room Escape Atlanta, and Escape the Room.

Read the full article here.